Gotta Love Honey Maid!

Back in March Honey Maid, the graham cracker people, launched a new ad campaign entitled “This is Wholesome” featuring a variety of touching family stories.  Those families included a traditional family, a mixed race family, and, yes, even a same-sex family.

Though many like myself viewed it as touching, the ad created quite a stir in some circles.  It was called “horrible” and “disgusting”, and some even boycotted Honey Maid.

In response to all that negativity, Honey Maid created another video this past week.  A video that took all that negativity and turned it into something beautiful and positive.

I assume many of those who were outraged at Honey Maid will continue to be outraged, but I can’t help wondering if it will soften some of their hearts.  Even if it doesn’t, though, it’s still an inspiring message of love and acceptance in the face of negativity and hate.

We’re heading to the grocery store later today and, although I didn’t realize it earlier, I’ve just discovered that our wholesome same-sex family is in need of some wholesome Honey Maid crackers.

Thank you Honey Maid!






2 + 2 = 5

Bible QuoteI recently stumbled across this quote by Peter LaRuffa from the February HBO documentary “Questioning Darwin”:

“If somewhere within the Bible I were to find a passage that said 2+2=5, I wouldn’t question what I’m reading in the Bible.  I would believe it, accept it as true, and then do my best to work it out and to understand it.”

That’s part of his way of explaining why he believes in a literal 6-day creation story.  Basically, because the Bible says so.  No matter what the Bible says, his belief is that it absolutely has to be true.

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Presuming to Know Truth

We were in New York City recently visiting friends, and during our stay we saw the musical “Wicked”.  My first Broadway show.  Very fun!

And what an interesting twist to the “Wizard of Oz” story!  I sure didn’t expect the Wicked Witch of the West to be the good one.  Very creative!

What I also thought was interesting was that, in the course revealing everyone’s true natures and motives, the Wizard of Oz made the following statement:

“The truth isn’t a thing of fact or reason.
It is simply what everyone agrees on”

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Top Regrets of the Dying

Regrets of the DyingWhile catching up with Facebook friends recently I stumbled across the book “The Top Five Regrets of the Dying” by Bronnie Ware.

Bronnie is an Australian who for a while worked as a nurse caring for people in the last weeks of their life.  When the subject of regrets was raised with her patients, Bronnie noticed some recurring themes.  What she learned became the motivation for change in her own life.  And it became the inspiration for her book.

I’ve only just started skimming through the chapters, but even just the section titles are inspiring:
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Why People Oppose Gay Marriage

Why Oppose Gay MarriageAccording to Gallup results, the number one reason – by a long shot – why America’s oppose gay marriage is because of religion and/or the Bible.  Actually, I’m wondering if the top 3 reasons on the list don’t all find their basis in religion.

That’s probably not surprising to anyone.  Religious organizations definitely seem to be leading the resistance.

The only people who’ve expressed opposition to my same-sex marriage have been conservative Christians.  And in every case, the primary reason for their opposition has been the Bible.  Discussions with them have been interesting.  And rather pointless.  It’s very difficult to have a rational conversation with someone whose principal argument is:

 “Because the Bible says so.”

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Same-Sex Marriage Support — 2013 and Beyond

Having reached the end of another year, it’s exciting to look back and see how quickly public opinion has been changing in support of same-sex marriage.  Twenty years ago gay marriage wasn’t even on our radar.  Today it’s a reality for many of us around the world.  In fact, there are twice as many US states with legal same-sex marriage as when we started 2013. Amazing!

Recently I looked up some Gallup polls on same-sex marriage to see what the historic trend looked like.  As it turns out, the first time they even asked questions about gay relationships was in 1996, less than 20 years ago.  I guess it wasn’t just off my radar, it was off everyone’s radar!

Of course, that’s not surprising.  It was only 40 years ago in 1973 that homosexuality was declassified as a mental disorder in the US.

Same-Sex Marriage Support

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An Even More Wonderful Life

Over the holidays I watched “It’s a Wonderful Life”.  Yet again.  As always I appreciated the sentiment about life.  It’s a good reminder that:

  • Life is good – For most of us life really is a wonderful gift, even if it doesn’t turn out quite the way we hoped.
  • We can make a difference – It’s important to be concerned about the needs of those around us.  Anyone can make a difference in the lives of others.
  • Friends and family are special – It’s the people in our lives that make us rich, not the things in our lives.

It’s nice to be reminded of those things sometimes.  And not just around the holidays!

But there was one other thing that stood out to me while watching the movie this year.  Except for during the final scene, all the real sacrifices were made by just one person — George Bailey, the character played by Jimmy Stewart, with occasional help of his wife, Mary.

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